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Tips for planting Tissue Culture (TC) Plants

  • Tissue Culture (TC) berry plants come as actively growing green plants or in a dormant state in a 9-cell plug.
  • Upon receiving these plants, open the boxes and remove the plants.
  • Water if needed, and place outside.
  • Setting plants in partial shade would be wise if conditions are hot and dry.
  • If you have time, it is a great idea to harden the plants to your conditions for several days before planting.
  • During this time, only water when the plugs begin to dry.
  • Water the plants well 2-10 hours before planting, so they will be well-watered, but not soaking, when you plant.
  • If planting is delayed, you can leave the TC plants outside in their plugs for a few days before planting.
  • Keep them watered, and fertilize with a balanced fertilizer every week or two.