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 Sakuma is now US Berry   We thank you for purchasing from us and we appriciate hearing from you. 
Here are some of the comments we have recieved from our online customers:

I ordered Albion (strawberry) plants from your last year.  Wonderful plants, great success.

Jeanine, Oregon  (Return Customer) 

"Purchased 50 bare root Sweet Charlie strawberry plants.  Placed them in the refridgerator for 2 days waiting for good planting conditions.  Only 5 plants look like they might not take of the 52 I received.  I am very satisfied and highly recommend purchasing plants at"
Joe, Wyoming

"They arrived today!  I'm impressed with the speed of delivery.  I was having trouble finding any locally.  Thanks!"
Dorothy, Washington

"Please tell Ms. Sakuma thanks for the prompt delivery of the five (six) plants to cover for the plants not shipped. Very amazed to how something that looks like a twig upon delivery comes to life in a short time. THANKS for the promptness of customer service to which I extremely satisfied and THANKS so very much for the pricing."
Carl, Oregon

"Last year we bought Quinault strawberry plants from you - we had an amazing crop and we loved them!!  We bought some Tribute plants from a company in the Midwest, before we thought of you.  They did not bear a single berry.... Thanks for your help!!"
Hannah, Washington

"I just finished planting my order of strawberry plants and want to compliment you on the quality of the plants and your excellent service!  They are without a doubt the best strawberry plants I have ever received.  Over the years I have done a lot of online plant buying and been disappointed with the puny dried up plant stock from many big name vendors. My compliments to you and your staff!"
Robert,  Florida

I just want to say that I ordered 10 different varieties of your bare root strawberry plants, my first order with you, and they are fantastic.  I was a bit nervous because it was late in the season for bare rooted plants.  I'd tried some from another nursery last year, and none of them grew.  Yours arrived 2 days after I'd ordered, and all looked very robust and healthy.  I'd ordered 5 of each, but you sent from 7 to 10 of each, perhaps because it was late in the season.  Every single plant began putting out leaves within a couple of days, and have continued to grow at a great rate.  The most I've had to do for them is pick off a wave of blossoms as they all try to set fruit!


So thanks!  Keep doing what you're doing!  If all of your customers are as happy as I am,  you'll grow and prosper as well as your plants--  

Scott, Oregon

Thank you for your prompt service - your jam is delicious!
Linda, California

This is the best syrup I have ever had...most other fruit syrup are overly sweet and the berry flavor is lost...not this one! It is wonderful on homemade waffles.
Nancy, Tennesee

The jam came today.  (Tayberry Jam)  Absolutely, the best jam I have ever tasted.  I ordered one for me and two to give as Christmas gifts.  It is so good, I am rethinking about giving the other two away and wishing I had ordered more.
Jan, California