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Much of your success in growing berries depends on how you handle your plants on arrival.
  • Your plants should be planted as soon as possible upon receiving them. 
    DO NOT LET THEM DRY OUT. If you can't plant them as soon as you receive them, plants should be kept in good condition in the refrigerator, up to 5 days.
  • Open the bundles, cover the roots thoroughly and keep moist until planted. DO NOT leave them in crates as they will heat up or dry out, and spoil.
  • Plants can be heeled in by making a V-shaped trench about 4 to 5 inches deep. But this should be used only as a last resort due to the reoccurring shock the plants go through when removed from the soil for transplanting.
We have dormant cold storage plants. Cold storage plants have several advantages over fresh dug plants because they are dormant when dug and stay dormant until replanted--thus they can be shipped more easily.   Cold storage plants that are dormant grow better than fresh spring dug because they stand the shock of transplanting better.
With proper use of Irrigation, planting well into June is possible.