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Tribute Strawberry Plant - (Bundle of 10)

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Tribute Strawberry Plant - (Bundle of 10)

Price: $7.40 (per bundle of 10 plants)
Price: $7.40 (per bundle of 10 plants)
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Tribute Strawberry Plant
Sold in Bundles of 10


  • Medium-large berries
  • Eastern day-neutral variety with short conic wedge shaped fruit which varies from irregular to symmetrical.
  • Bright red skin, firm light to medium red flesh.
  • Acidic, but pleasant flavor.
  • Good processing quality.
  • Medium size plant.
  • Zone 4-8

Tribute strawberry plant is a day neutral cultivar with medium sized, firm fruit.  It is one of the most popular eastern day neutral cultivars and performs well in commercial plantings.  Resistant to red stele and powdery mildew and partially resistant to verticillium wilt and leaf scorch.  Full sibling to Tristar.

(EB 18 x MdUS 4258)

For Quantities over 5000 plants Call 360-969-9145 or email

Volume Pricing Details

Refer to the chart on the left to determine volume pricing. All strawberry plants are sold in bundles of 10 plants. 1 bundle equals 10 plants.

Example: If you want 50 plants, you would purchase 5 bundles.

The "Quantity" column represents the number of bundles you are interested in purchasing. The "Amount" column represents the volume pricing for each bundle.

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owner, Mountain View Farm
Susan (North Idaho) 1/5/2011 1:15 PM
Tribute is wonderful for market sales and my plant customers rave about it too. It bears heavily the first year planted and I keep rows for up to five years with good production.