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Seascape Strawberry Plant - (Bundle of 10)

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Seascape Strawberry Plant - (Bundle of 10)

Price: $7.40 (per bundle of 10 plants)
Price: $7.40 (per bundle of 10 plants)
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Seascape Strawberry Plant
Sold in Bundles of 10

  • Earlier than Albion
  • Heat tolerant and requires less chilling. 
  • Fruit is long conic, firm, redder in color inside and out, with an attractive glossy finish. 
  • Excellent Flavor
  • Day Neutral
  • Zone 4-9.
The Seascape strawberry plant produces very large, firm fruit which have good color and flavor when picked ripe.  They have a symmetric, medium to long conical berry with a glossy finish.  
It is one of our most popular varieties with a general flexibility in planting dates and areas.  The Seascape strawberry cultivar is a very good choice for roadside and farmer’s markets.  
This variety is highly tolerant of the virus diseases common in California; and is moderately susceptible to leaf rot.

For Quantities over 5000 plants Call 360-969-9145 or email

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    Refer to the chart on the left to determine volume pricing. All strawberry plants are sold in bundles of 10 plants. 1 bundle equals 10 plants.

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    Excellent berry
    Delores (Eastern WA) 9/20/2013 12:58 PM
    I didn't pinch any blooms. Produced well with lots of berries and very good size. Flavor is best when you have lots of calcium and boron. I have had 4-5 berries at one time on a stem. We had the hottest summer ever and it still kept producing.
    Ron M. (Cupertino California) 2/13/2012 5:07 PM
    I planted about 120 Seascape strawberry plant from Sakuma Bros. last spring. I pinched off the blossoms until July like the instructions said to do and still had lots of good size strawberries later into the summer and into the fall. In fact I am still getting a few strawberries to my surprise in the middle of February. My first taste of the Seascape was a bit disappointing as I didn't think it was all that sweet but I learned to like it later especially on my cereal in the morning. That was the nice thing about it being "Day Neutral" as it just kept on producing the whole rest of the summer. I would recommend it as being very good at least in my experience here in the San Francisco bay area.
    home gardener
    Albert Burrows (Castella, CA) 11/4/2011 9:35 AM
    For many years I had excellent results with the Seascape varity while living on the California North Coast area (Fortuna). Last year I moved inland (Castella area) where the days are much much warmer and I had no idea which strawberry varity would prosper in this new climent. I selected 20 plants of 3 different varities and planted them in the same area. Once again the Seascape varity was the best choice for size, taste, and production. Next year the entire bed will be Seascape.