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Allstar Strawberry Plants - (Bundle of 10)

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Allstar Strawberry Plants - (Bundle of 10)

Price: $6.90 (per bundle of 10 plants)
Price: $6.90 (per bundle of 10 plants)
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Alstar Strawberry
Sold in Bundles of 10


  • Vigorous and productive plant that produces very large, firm fruit of good quality in Late mid-season.
  • Multiple race resistance to red stele with resistance to other root and leaf diseases.
  • Plants runner freely and form dense matted row.
  • Fruit is firm, generally symmetrical.
  • Good full red skin color and tough glossy skin.
  • Mild and sweet in flavor, freezes well with good color.
  • Produces well when planted in spring, summer or even in August as stored, dormant stock in double hill, raised bed or hill culture with drip irrigation.
  • For home garden, U-Pick, local fresh market.
  • Zone 4-8
  • Sold as a bare root plant.
The Allstar Strawberry plant, with an almost perfect strawberry shape, is a major variety during the late mid-season. The glossy firm fruit, which holds its size very well, is an excellent u-pick or home garden choice. Its orange/red color and delicate skin lessens its shipping potential. 
Allstar’s vigor and resistance to red stele, verticillium wilt, moderate resistance to powdery mildew and leaf scorch, makes it suitable to almost any growing region and soil condition.

US 4419 x MDVS 3184)

For Quantities over 5000 plants Call 360-969-9145 or email

Volume Pricing Details

Refer to the chart on the left to determine volume pricing. All strawberry plants are sold in bundles of 10 plants. 1 bundle equals 10 plants.

Example: If you want 50 plants, you would purchase 5 bundles.

The "Quantity" column represents the number of bundles you are interested in purchasing. The "Amount" column represents the volume pricing for each bundle.

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