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Some exciting changes in Sakuma Bros. Plant Sales for 2015!

Welcome to US Berry Plants we look forward to continuing to serve you with premium Sakuma Bros. Strawberry plants, Raspberry plants and Blackberry plants.

Sold Out for the Season.

We will be back in September to pre-order for next Spring!!

Sakuma Artisan Tea

Sakuma Tea is Grown in the rich soil of the Skagit Valley, hand pick, processed and packed.  Sakuma artisan tea is quickly becoming a favorite of tea drinkers worldwide.

We proudly sell Sakuma Bros.Farm products.  

*All images on this site are representations of the plant/product and may not be the actual product you are purchasing.
**In the event of issues outside of Sakuma Market Stand's control such as weather and plant availability, if we can not fill your order, you will be refunded your full amount.

Notice:  If you are Washington state wholesale or farm exempt- Please call 360-969-9145 or email to set up a wholesale account PRIOR to ordering, otherwise all taxes will apply.  All other states may order as usual.